P600G is a gas filled power gas discharge tube (GDT) designed for potential equalisation on the installation components of buildings or technological units, which are not electrically connected to each other (according to EN 62305 ed. 2). It is recommended primarily for bridging of insulated flanges and insulated threaded joints in the pipeline cathodic protected parts of industrial technology. If between these parts arise some potential difference greater than 600V, GDT immediatelly ignited  for a transitional period and both parth electrically interconnects (typical internal resistance initialized P600G is 0,001 ÷ 0,002 Ω). P600G installation can be done both inside and outside buildings, in damp and underground spaces.

P600G functional part is made using a special gas dischage tube with shortened response time 20 nsec, designed for lightning current 100 kA (10/350). On the outer insulating cover is used a blue silicone rubber, which is hydrophobic and has excellent resistance against weathering, pollution and UV rays. Cover caps, connecting bolts and nuts are made from stainless steel, suitable for connection of conductors with cross section 16-50 mm2 Fe (Cu). The product is delivered with an integrated bracket, allowing direct mounting of P600G to the protected metal structure (pillar, wall or flange). Recommended mounting position is vertical bracket up.


1) Product P600G is maintenance-free, has very little reaction time (20nsec), high insulation resistance (>1GΩ) and high protective ability. Next is this product resistant against to harsh treatment, acid rain and mechanical damage.

2) To perform diagnostics it is recommended to use measuring instrument G-TESTER (supplier ACER VOLTAGE s. r. o.). This device allows  to control the one hand, the DC spark over voltage of the built GDT,  then the value of the insulation resistance Risol (from 25VDC up to 1000VDC).